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OPEN DAY 2017…………………

............was very successful, with dry weather all day, after a rather wet week. It was, however, tremendously windy and one gust managed to lift and destroy one of our small tents, leaving our Children's Music Entertainer somewhat exposed ! Happily it remained dry , so he was able to continue al fresco.
The advertised entertainment was excellent, with Magic Bob, our new Children's Entertainer a particularly favourite attraction. Punch and Judy , Andy's Musical Mayhem and of course The Animal Man provided all day fun for everyone together with many favourite side stalls, including tombola. The Birmingham Astronomical Society enjoyed this year's show, with plenty of sunshine which allowed visitors to look at the Sun through special telescopes.. Attractions also included Face Painting, Bouncy Castle and a new Bucking bronco ride. Our special Garden Refreshment facility, an ice cream van, bouncy castle, and buckin' bronco, completed the line-up.
It is estimated that in excess of 1500 attended during the five hours.
Thanks to all who supported us by attending, and of course all the Contributors who worked hard to ensure such a successful day.