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We Made A Good Connection With Vodafone

…..on the 17th March when a team of eleven came down to spend a full day helping us with farm maintenance. Some of the more intrepid braved the depths of our Wildlife Area and removed mountains of brambles and undergrowth to allow light in to help establish smaller ground species of plants e.g. bluebells and also carry out annual weeding of our orchard display beds.

The remainder of the Team used their skills with paintbrush and pot to apply wood-treatment to many of our store sheds, barns and poultry housing which now look as good as new, and are much better protected against the elements.

Many thanks to team leader for the-day Leyla, and the rest of the Team, namely: Richard, Lucy,Phil,Jayesh,Emma, Rachel,Lindsey, Trevor, Chris and Steven. Thanks also for the donations of goods for our June 2017 Open Day Tombola Stall