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Nielsen Sunday 12th June

On Thursday …we had an important set of visitors at the Farm, namely a work team from Nielsen, the international marketing company. A group of fourteen staff of the Company from Birmingham and other parts of the UK joined together at the Urban Farm to assist in a general ‘clean up’ in preparation for our Open Day on Sunday 12th June 2106.

The Company’s slogan for community input via team days is to “make a difference” and they certainly achieved that. The weather was fine, the team were enthusiastic, and the planned work was fully achieved. Buildings and animal sheds were given a good coat of wood treatment, the farmyard was cleared of weeds and overgrowth, and our picnic tables were given a smart lick of preservative leaving them looking like new, By late afternoon a very big difference had occurred!

Many thanks to the Team, namely: Gemma, Anna, Frazer, Paul (Team leader), Matt W., Matt H., Kate, Helen, Derek, Nick, Marika, Jonathan, Robert and Mir.
Pictures of the Team in action………..