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Sunday 5th June was dry, hot and sunny. However all the finger crossing in the world did not work for this to continue because our Open Day on the 12th was far from dry. It rained on and off all day, although it stopped for about 90 minutes around midday. The effect on visitors was understandably quite dramatic and the total was in the region of 400 adults and children. On a sunny day we have recorded as many as 2,250 so quite a difference. However many thanks indeed for the support given by those who attended, braved the elements, and enjoyed the full programme of events ,stalls and activities which went ahead as planned – a little damp- but enthusiastically. One example was The Birmingham Astronomical Society Stall members who all showed great enthusiasm and fortitude with their special telescopes brought for visitors to study the Sun, which showed itself for just about three minutes all day ! (One of the pictures below captures those precious seconds) Many thanks to each and every one of our supporters, volunteers and stallholders for their good humour and hard work.

Financially, we were concerned that an event which is staged for the local community but which also aims to raise funds to feed our animals and assist in keeping the Charity solvent, was going to actually show a loss – which is not quite the idea ! However, at the end of the day the balance sheet showed that the cost of staging the Day (tentage, entertainers,refreshments etc) was £1,000.00 whilst the takings amounted to £1077.76 (i.e. just £77.76 in the black). If we had been able to find a Sponsor then the figure would have looked a lot better and we will look hard for someone to Sponsor the Open Day next year to cover the costs elements (Our Treasurer just whispered to me….”any offers ?”) We would especially like to thank a number of people who assisted us to keep on the right side of financial loss by offering some reduction on their usual charges or making a ‘wet weather’ donation.