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e took charge of our new flock of eight sheep at the end of November. Given the ground conditions this was an accomplishment in itself because it was impossible to drive a vehicle across the waterlogged ground to the sheep paddock at the far side of the Farm. Anyone watching would have been greatly entertained by the sight of the sheep being transported one at a time on a small pull truck, held down to stop them jumping off. Halfway through the process a wheel literally came of the truck and we all collapsed into the mud ! Having got them successfully into their new field and safely tucked up in their sheep shed, we all retired to relieve our aching muscles. As any City farmer will know, manhandling a sheep who does not wish to cooperate , is not for the faint-hearted. Given that early trauma, however, the sheep very quickly settled into their new home, and are now calm and happy and tucking away at their hay rations.
The sheep are a mixture of pure breed and hybrid. There are two pure breed Badger Faced, two Badger Faced x Manx Loughtan, two pure breed Wiltshire Horn, two Black Welsh Mountain X and two Badger Faced X Herdwick X Manx double crossed. This is quite a mixture, but gives a lovely colour range and effect when viewed . They were purchased from a smallholder in Inkberrow in Worcestershire.
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