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The Wagstaff Carpentry Consultants!

A small but expert group of staff from Wagstaff Interiors Group (based at Honiley in Warwickshire) carried out click for larger image some sorely needed repairs to our Goat, Cow and Sheep sheds on Monday 2nd November 2015. What they packed into half a day was amazing, and all of the sheds enjoyed significant refurbishment with new heavy duty cladding sheets to several sides of the buildings.

No doubt the very early start assisted, together with some careful planning before the day itself, with everyone knowing their part in the logistics of the task. As the work progressed, there was much interest from the livestock themselves, particularly by the Goats, who always manage to stand and supervise very effectively on occasion like this. So….. many thanks to Wagstaff Interiors as a firm, and especially to the employees concerned for their hard work, good company and commitment: Ken, Matt and Daniel.