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ALLIANZ Team Day (2015)

Allianz is an Insurance and Asset Management Company which operates all over Europe from an H.Q in Munich. When the Company arranged for a Team Day with us on Tuesday. September 29th they not only facilitated two very useful tasks at the Urban Farm, but also showed their keenness to involve as wide a range of their employees in the UK as possible with twelve participants travelling from far and wide in both England and Scotland..

A very competent Team they were too carrying out two discrete tasks with one contingent re-decorating the inside of our Classroom/Party/Meetings Unit and another slabbing a some new areas within one of the paddocks to support new poultry housing. A lot of innate DIY skills were shown because there was hardly a splash of emulsion on the Unit floor – and the perfect plumb level of the slabbing would do a professional landscaper credit . Just shows what a day out from in front of the Computer can bring out ! The initiative was also supported with expenses/donation to our Charity which is much appreciated.

So, very many thanks for a sterling effort by everyone working so hard that day , namely: Niki and Matt from Manchester, Gillian from Glasgow, Sarah and Nick from Surrey, Gareth and Nicola from Bristol, Alex and Sarah from Milton Keynes, Emily from Guildford, Neil from Carlisle, and another Nick from “just up the road ” in Rugby! Also thanks to Allianz (GB) for the overall support.