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THE CHALLENGE NETWORK (National Citizens Service, Young People)

The Challenge Network is a national charity which exists to connect and inspire people of all ages to strengthen their communities within a variety of programmes , and part of the National Citizens Service section is organised specifically to bring together young people from different backgrounds to bond them and inspire them to take on a more active role in their communities. Each Summer groups of youngsters ages around 16/17 years of age are involved in expeditions, fundraising, community work and other activities which seek to fulfill this. For many years now we have been pleased to cooperate with the ‘Team Day in the Community’ aspect of this annual programme and this year has been as successful as before.

The 2015 team of six young people and their mentor carried out tasks at the Urban Farm on Sunday…….including wheelbarrowing a large quantity of pebbles from a central point to complete a drainage surround area to one of our duck ponds, and also some much needed weeding in the main farmyard area. It was a fine dry day, and the Team not

only successfully completed the tasks set out for them but seemed to enjoy themselves in the process. They worked hard, worked well, and there were some laughs along the way.
Very many thanks to each one of them. A photo-shoot of the day is below