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Santander Team Day Wednesday 29th July 2015

One of Santander’s aims is to “Making a Difference in the Community” and they certainly did that during their recent visit to the Farm.
A group of twelve employees from one of their financing sections carried out woodland clearance in our wildlife area, and plant- bed weeding in the orchard on what happily turned out to be a fine dry day. Excellent results were achieved, and pathways restored which had grown over quite literally like a tropical jungle.



The Team were drawn from all over Central England and Wales for the day, one travelling from Cardiff in the west and another from the East Midlands in addition to more local employees from the Birmingham Conurbation. It was a sterling effort which has enhanced the Project and is very much appreciated by our Trustees.

So here are many thanks from all our Trustees, visitors and users to: Vijay, Mike, Zena, Rob, Adrian, Kevin, Tony, Steve, Ian, Jen, Bill, and Nigel

Well done Team Santander!