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12th March 2015 Npower Team Day

The first team day of the new year welcomed an enthusiastic group of eleven employees, tasked with erecting a pair of new agricultural gates and some extra side fencing at two strategic points of the Farm Project. It was not only the technicalities of hanging the gates themselves, but digging the holes for the posts which can be fraught with all kinds of hidden dangers like suddenly hitting a large rock, or a tree root! And anyone who has done this also knows that it is easier to say “dig a two foot deep hole” than to actually achieve it. Well luck was on our Team’s side because, happily, the hole diggings were free from hidden obstacles, and at the end of a day of good dry weather, the tasks were completed without any serious snags. As a result we now have a better managed entry and exit system at the Farm entrance, and have also changed the goat and sheep grazing paddocks access for the better.

Many thanks to the following employees of Npower (Dudley) for their hard work, enthusiasm, and good company: Rebecca (Team leader) , Steve, Kieran, Lewis, Sunny, Gary, Harry, Josh, Michael , Sanj, and Sarah