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We were pleased to receive our three new Dexter heifers on 22nd August 2014 from Church Farm, Preston Bagot, near Henley In Arden. Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Bancroft for supplying us with their livestock. The pedigree Family name for the cows is Moonshine, and their names are : SILVA , MARY and MIKI. The first two are short legged and Miki is a medium legged Dexter.

Dexter cattle are the smallest beef breed in the UK so we have completely turned the size tables from the late Belle, and Fifi, who were Limousin, and are one of the biggest beef cattle breeds ! There are two colours in this breed, brown and black and as can be seen in our picture, ours are pure black. (NB This picture was taken at Preston Bagot before delivery and shows four)
They took time to settle in and skulked about in the hedge right at the top of the paddock for several days. However it did not take them long to realize they were on to a good thing coming to Woodgate instead of going for steaks and are now being cheeky, chasing the volunteers, and enjoying the ample paddock grass which has grown and lush and long since Belle died in the Spring. May they enjoy a long happy life with us.