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Ernst & Young (Company Community Partnership) 2012

We are pleased to report that Ernst & Young LLP have decided that following their sponsorship in 2010 and 2011 they will sponsor us for a third full year from January until December 2012. Our Trustees and grateful for this continuing partnership which achieves active on-site Team Days for their employees as well as valuable financial assistance and on-going cooperation. Here are some team photos from the current 2012 Team Days:

…for more see the E & Young 3 year Photo-Gallery


The first was on 26th March when five employees created and planted a new feature shrub area in the Orchard to screen the beehives and also refurbished and tidied two other beds. They did a wonderful job bearing in mind the very wet Spring we had and the fact that part of the work area was seriously waterlogged

The second and third were on 6th and 13th May when larger teams of ten employees carried out some valuable work in another part of the Orchard to create paved and loose stone pathways around three raised beds which had been created by Volunteers on the CNSW Programme. This was really heavy work involving transporting a succession of barrowloads of sand and stone chippings from hundreds of yards away, and laying slabs. None of the Team had laid slabs before, and some were strangers to pushing a barrow, but when they went home that night most of them were experts!


The fourth Team visited on 30th July and completed the slabbing and stone chipping to great effect, after some running repairs to the wooden edges of one of the beds, and also weeded and refurbished the plantings. Not one on the Team had slabbed before, yet one run of paving has all the hallmarks of a billiard table. Well done Team!

On 19th August a fifth Team carried out a variety of tasks including weeding and edging the new bed created by the first Team back in March, topping up stone chipping on the new paths after initial sinkage, and cutting their way through into our wildlife area where the Spring rains had managed to create an almost inpenetrable jungle of growth of brambles and long grass to mask the main entrance. However, the crowning job of the day was the creation of a double dug bed (with much sweat and effort) and the planting of a Walnut Tree to permanently commemorate Ernst & Young’s support dur ing the 2010 year. An adjacent picture shows the proud team at the end of their day’s labours.

Two of the Urban Farm Trustees were invited to attend the Ernst & Young ‘Town Hall Day’ along with other organisations in partnership, on 30th April to display a stall showing the Charities activities. This was an enjoyable early morning activity, complicated only by the fact that it was held in the Holte Suite at the Aston Villa Ground and one of the Trustees had to wear a bag over his head in case any fellow Bluenose spotted him!
In addition, employes of Ernst and Young have been busy collecting and donating monies via ‘dress down days’ and other Head office initiatives and activities, and E & Y as a Company have already made a generous matched donation. Funding also met the full £850 cost of staging the Open Day.