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Urban Farms

Woodgate Valley Urban Farm is a member of Social Farms & Gardens (formerly the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens) and is one of 59 urban farms in the UK. These farms are all community managed projects, created mainly in urban areas out of a desire by community members to develop a green space, a community space and to raise awareness of farming and gardening. Some farms focus on environmental objectives, some focus on education, Woodgate Valley Urban Farm focuses primarily on involving, enabling and supporting young people from the local community to develop their confidence and life skills by working with other volunteers on the farm.

Our key principles are:
Voluntary managed and owned.

The Farm was created in 1988 by a Team of local people who ( with the exception of a paid part

time development worker from 2006 untill 2009 ) have progressed, maintained, managed and financed

the charitable farm project on an entirely unpaid voluntary basis throughout.

Inclusive and participatory The farm encourages community involvement through its membership, animal sponsorship, volunteer placements and volunteer projects.

Most commercial farms are all about animals, but we are also very much about people as well . The focus of Woodgate Valley Urban Farm is involving people of all ages, but especially young people who want to gain work experience and also build confidence and life skills in a supportive environment. In addition, by inviting the general public and families in as casual visitors, we encourage an ethos of informal ownership by the local community, as well as welcoming visitors from further afield to view our livestock and work.